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The debut album out now

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Cork/Italian lads "Order of the Mess" power-duo noise-rock assault. Their stuff on Soundcloud paints a rough but promising picture, that of a multifaceted, but bludgeoning weighty aural attack.






Order Of The Mess are an alternative/stoner-rock power duo formed in 2013 by Alex (guitar/voice) and Max(drums) and hailing from Cork, Ireland.

With Alex also taking care of punishing low frequencies through a three amps set-up and Max providing thunderous skins work, the duo early on hit on a

distinctive sound and set on to write. They soon started making the rounds playing live everywhere they could. Every performance saw them winning over more and more appreciation as their mix of melody, groove and enormous riffs truly comes to life on stage through the duo earnest, give-all-you-have energetic attitude and Alex passionate, larger-then-life stage presence.


In 2016 they locked themselves in the historic Dublin's Westland Studios for a week to record their debut album “To Rock, Life, Love”, that has been released on June 16th 2018 followed by an intense Summer Tour including SEA SESSION Festival 2018, TOWNLANDS CARNIVAL 2018, ITALIAN FUSION FESTIVAL 2018, ARCADIAN FIELDS and INDIEPENDENCE FESTIVAL 2018 and more TBA. 


“Life is to Love.Life is to Rock. Rock is to Love”


Cosmonaut Event Cork

“Order of the Mess crush and explode across the stage as primal drums and monolithic riffs seem to push the walls outward. Vinci’s vocals soar euphorically over the top of this throbbing landscape, and their rabid army of fans never stop grooving. Massive, just massive.”



"Cork based, but Italy born, alternative rock duo Order of the Mess are quickly making quite a name for themselves with their melodic and thundering alternative rock. Creating a huge sound that makes them sound more like a quintet than a duo, they have been carving out a following for the last few years. Over the last few months they have released two excellent singles in the form of ‘Touch My Soul’ and ‘Si-B’ which hint that their album is one that will pummel the listener from start to finish."



Alex Vinci, orderofthemess@gmail.com, 00353 0852871506
Gianluca Tarallo, orderofthemess.mgmt@gmail.com, 00353 0872351613
Alex Vinci, orderofthemess@gmail.com, 00353 0852871506
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